Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ah for the love of crochet!!

I have decided to crochet fingerless wristlet gloves to sell on to those of us who must work with our fingers and still keep our hands warm. My expertly handcrocheted wristlets are lightweight as I use only fine and very fine yarns (#1, #2 and #3) so that they do not strain those hard working hands. I use premium yarns, like Lion Brand, Caron, Patons, Deborah Nerville, Moda Dea, Redheart with Aloe, Bamboo with silk, Bamboos and cottons. I have conservative styles that are not too flashy for the workplace, and sometimes I will also have some styles based on the current holidays, such as black for halloween, fall colors for Autumn, reds for Christmas, pinks for valentines and spring and summer styles as well. I purposefully designed them short, fitting only to the wrists, so that they not interfere with other long sleeved clothing, and again to lessen their weight.

These fingerless wristlests are for working ladies such as typists, data entry clerks, cashiers, customer service call takers, nurses, doctors (those especially who work in cold environments inside and outside), school teachers, dentists, dental assistants, executive secretaries, and just anyone who gets cold hands but must use their fingers to work. I will eventually design a mans fingerless wristlet too, and perhaps use a more masculine yarn.

Look for me at, my seller ID is Artful1.

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Special THANK YOU to my sister, Gail, for modeling my wristlets!!